High Availability

for ONTAP File Systems

We live in an always-on world – Online shopping with same-day and next-day delivery, instant bank transfers and 24/7 availability of online hotel, airline and services booking. This is not the exception, it is the norm, and failure to deliver these will result in lost business and dissatisfied customers.

This 24/7 world is driven by data – customer details, financial records, stock levels, SKUs and pricing. Being able to access this data at any time, from any location, is key to success.

If you are using ONTAP File Storage, and your primary storage crashes for any reason, you need to be able to switch to secondary storage instantaneously.

But to do this can be complicated. Even with synchronous data mirroring via 2 data centres, automatic switching is not guaranteed. If one MetroCluster site goes down, it will not automatically switch to the second site, in order to avoid split-brain complications.

There are other solutions available, but these are not without challenges. A third data center with redundant connections and low latencies is costly and often extremely complex to implement. And uncertainty and split-brain scenarios are never fully removed. ClusterLion is the only solution that removes this due to complete infrastructure independence.



To solve this problem ProLion has developed ClusterLion for MetroCluster, which essentially removes the split-brain problem, and ensures your data remains Always-On resulting in no downtime.

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ClusterLion for MetroCluster explained in 90s