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Automatic takeover for
SAP Hana Databases and SAP
Netweaver Application Servers


SAP is the backbone of many companies across a number of industries including manufacturing, retail and transport & logistics. To ensure business continuity, systems and data are replicated in a second data centre and can be quickly restored should a crash occur. As many of them run 24/7, they require Always-On availability. To do this they will set up cluster solutions –  a process that is both expensive and complex.

In many cases a 3rd data centre with a voting device will be deployed in order to avoid split-brain complications.

ClusterLion Simplifies SAP Services – Watch our 90s Video to see how:

Complex Linux Cluster Setup

  • Complex Cluster setup

  • 3rd Data Centre needed

  • Reliance on open-source community

  • Split-brain complications

  • Bad traceability

  • Higher maintenance

Simple ClusterLion Setup

  • No complex Clusters

  • Lowest TCO

  • Simplicity for SAP

  • Extremly secure

  • Monitoring and Alerts

  • 24/7 Premium Support

Additional ClusterLion for SAP Benefits:

  • Rapid and detailed overview in the event of a failure

  • Independent web dashboard shows current status and historical event log

  • Various monitoring and alert options via a fully featured REST API as well as proactive customer notifications from ProLion support team

  • Ease of Installation

  • Highest built-in Security Features. No user data or credentials are transmitted to the cloud – only status metrics

Easy to read, intuitive GUI for configuration and monitoring

ClusterLion for SAP is hardware agnostic and supports any virtual and on-premise setup including VMware, IBM Power-VM as well as bare-metal servers from Lenovo, Cisco, Dell, HPE and more

ClusterLion also supports SAP Landscape Manager

Download Resources:

ClusterLion for SAP Data Sheet (English)
ClusterLion for SAP Data Sheet (German)

ClusterLion for SAP Presentation (PDF)


    ClusterLion fully supports SAP deployments in Azure and AWS.
    ClusterLion can be deployed in Azure and AWS, the easiest way to use the Marketplace.

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